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3 Techniques To Help You Memorize Better and Ace Any Test

As a student, you might be required to remember a lot of different things from different subjects. There will be years and the names of people that you need to remember from History, confusing Latin-based biological names of species and processes in Biology, equations in Chemistry and of course, formulas in Mathematics. This means that if you have a weak memory you can be sure that your grades will suffer. However, this need not be the case always. There are several techniques that will help you remember complex things. Let us now take a look at 3 techniques that will help you memorize better and ace any test.


Mnemonics are one of the easiest ways to remember a complex list of several different things. The advantage of mnemonics is that it can even help you remember the list in order. Let us take a look at the following mnemonic that can be used to remember the order of precedence of mathematical operands.

As you can see, it will be very easy to remember the sentence “Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally” rather than trying to remember the order by yourself. This way, several complex lists can be broken down into simple to remember mnemonics.

Mind Maps:

Mind maps can be used when trying to remember things that are much more complex than lists. Let’s say, for example, you are trying to remember the historical events that took place in order to write an essay about it. Using a mind map would enable you to list the top-level major events. These will become your sub-headings. Then, the map will help you remember small snippets of information about each topic. You can put these together to make up the content under each sub-heading. Thus, by combining several small elements using a mind map, you will be able to remember a large amount of information without fretting too much.


This is one of those unconventional ways of memorizing complex things. The trick to using this technique lies in the fact that our brains remember stories much more easily as compared to random lists and information. Hence, you can make a story out of complex formulas and properties and that will be very to remember. For example, Einstein’s E=Mc squared can be turned into a neat little story as follows: The Earth spins because the moon and the sea square off against each other. This story can easily be worked back into the equation.

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