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The Top 5 AP Tests In Terms Of Pass Percentage

Playing to your strengths is always very important when you pick topics for your AP tests. This will ensure that you get good grades with less effort. Picking out a few such tests that you are naturally good at will enable you to spend more time mastering other more difficult topics that can earn you a place in competitive schools such as Princeton and Harvard. Let us now take a look at the top 5 AP tests in terms of Pass Percentage to better understand how past students played to their strengths and succeeded.

AP Chinese Language:

With a pass rate of 93.4%, AP Chinese language tops all tests in terms of pass percentage. The reason for this can be easily understood by looking at data about students who do take this test. Almost 99% of the students who take this test are of Chinese origin and you can be sure that they speak the language day in and day out at their homes. This makes the AP Chinese Language an easy pick for the students because they will be able to excel at it with next to minimal effort.

AP Spanish Language:

The AP Spanish Language test has an average pass rate of 89.7%. This high number again relates back to the students who take the course already being native or fluent Spanish speakers. An interesting point to note is that of all the people who do take this test almost 62% have scored a grade of 4 or above. This shows that the students were shrewd and picked their tests after careful thought.

AP Studio Art:

Now, AP Studio Art is considered one of the toughest tests among all AP tests. So how is it that of all students who do take the test 82.9% have passed? The answer lies in the fact that only a small percentage of students actually dare to take up this course. These are students who are already talented budding artists and hence, the high pass percentage.

AP Calculus:

AP Calculus is also one of the toughest tests that a student can attempt. A high pass rate of 81.5% with almost 42% securing the best possible grade of 5 points to the fact that only students who are already highly proficient in calculus take up this test.

AP Japanese Language:

AP Japanese Language has a pass rate of 79.8%. This high percentage, similar to the Chinese and Spanish language tests, is due to the fact that this test is picked and attempted almost exclusively by students of Japanese origin.

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